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 Congratulations... You have taken the first step towards your goal of seeking therapeutic support.  If you are reading my page now, you have opened a door of opportunity that may enhance your life.  We all can benefit from therapeutic support.  If we live long enough, we will experience some hardship, grief or dissapointment.  However, within all of us is a resilient spirit yet to be discovered! 

As a solution focused therapist, my ultimate goal is to assist you as you work through your personal challenges and work towards developing the skills that you need to establish peace of mind. While none of us can change difficult situations of the past, discovering new insights can keep those experiences from having a constant negative impact on your life.   There is treatment available for you... With the tools of cognitive behavioral therapy and other treatment models, you will be able to identify some of your self limiting beliefs and establish healthier ways of thinking.  

If you're seeking for support and guidance through a challenging season of life or just ready to "rewrite your lifescript"... it would be my pleasure to work alongside you as you take the next step. 

Please call or email me for an individual, couples or family therapy consultation today at: (972) 885-7393 or [email protected].

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